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I love your Topical—really helps with my pain. Will be re-visiting site and purchasing soon. 


I bought the S-A-S on Saturday at the market. I have used it two nights in a row and it’s the first time in 3 years (3!!) that I haven’t used THC for sleep. Amazing!! Can’t wait to try more products.


I recently learned about S-A-S. What a godsend! On occasion I have difficulty going to sleep when I have lots on my mind. A few drops of S-A-S and I am sleeping soundly all night. On nights I don’t take S-A-S, and I wake up in the night with difficulty getting back to sleep, a few drops and I am sound asleep. Works great!!

Also my mom has advanced Parkinson’s Disease and she has had ongoing insomnia. Her sleep rhythms were most often off. Since S-A-S she has had the best sleep, and it has become regular as well. For her, one dropper at night does the trick. S-A-S also helps with anxiety arising in the day for her related to her condition. Half of a dropper is such a help to her as needed!

Port Townsend, WA

For the past 3–4 years I have not been able to sleep for more than a few hours at a time before waking up and having to relocate or just give up on sleeping. It has been exhausting. A month ago we were on Orcas Island visiting friends and enjoying the Island when we discovered your booth at the farmers’ market. We picked up the S-A-S and started using it while we were on-island. Since the visit was relaxed anyway, I wasn’t sure the tincture was what was causing me to be able to sleep for 7 and even 8 hours uninterruptedly.

When we got home I continued using the S-A-S and I am amazed that I am now regularly sleeping 7–8 hours, having wonderful dreams, and even waking up feeling rested. My wife is also using the S-A-S and she concurs. The use of one dropper full at night with a natural herb tea in conjunction with S-A-S, is really helping us to catch up on our sleep that we need to stay healthy.

Thank you so much, and please, keep on making this excellent product!

~Clay W.
Santa Cruz, CA

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